We often get questions and requests in reference to using audio from our broadcasts for various other purposes, including use as the sound track for video productions, use in commercial radio and television broadcasts, use on community or public TV programs, etc.

Broadcasts on the Roller Derby Radio Network™ are copyrighted by the RDRN™, however they are published by the RDRN under a Creative Commons License. Basically this means you are welcome to use the audio from our broadcasts for any non-commercial purpose as long as the audio is attributed to the RDRN.  In a broadcast situation (within a broadcast radio sportscast for example) you can meet this requirement simply by saying "audio courtesy of the Roller Derby Radio Network".  If necessary you may simply say "courtesy of the RDRN".  In a produced video somewhere in the credits you must attribute the audio to the RDRN.  If it's a packaged CD, DVD, etc the packaging must include a credit to the RDRN for the audio, and we appreciate our link being included somewhere. Video published to You Tube may include our audio as long as somewhere in the video, either in screen text or audio we are given credit. Same thing for use on the web.  Feel free to link to our Spreaker page for audio, use edited clips of our audio on your web page, internet radio broadcasts, podcasts, etc as long as the RDRN gets a credit mention.

If you are involved in a commercial venture -- selling DVD's of bout videos for a profit for example, and you want to use RDRN audio please contact the RDRN for arrangements. Basically if you're making money with a product using our work we will require a teeny piece of the pie.  If you are not selling a product, we simply require attribution.

The Roller Derby Radio Network is not a volunteer organization.  We are not a non-profit. Our Mission Statement (if we must call it that) is to broadcast live roller derby the best way we know how, and to sell enough sponsorships and merchandise to cover costs.  Our broadcasters get paid and we buy a lot of gasoline! Should income exceed costs it is our intent to expand our geographic coverage and increase the number of broadcasts.  The ultimate goal is to spread the Derby Love far and wide and not lose our asses in the process!

Sponsorships are available and quite affordable. Contact us for information.

Contact the RDRN:

E-Mail: rdrn@mail.com

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Creative Commons License
RDRN Broadcast by Roller Derby Radio Network is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.